This website is an attempt to increase and demonstrate my various skillsets. The HTML is based off a template from HTML5 UP. Professionally I have experience in Azure and decided to explore in my personal time AWS. This site is 100% hosted within AWS as a static site and is something that I will tweak as I learn and understand more. Here is a high level overview of the architecture

logo of Heartland Developer Conference

Some call outs is the CloudFront distribution is configured with a GeoLocation white list and a behavior configured to redirect HTTP to HTTPS redirect. From a security perspective only CloudFront can access the S3 bucket and only API Gateway can access the Lambda function. Not depicted are how the various services are sending logs to CloudWatch.

Work Experiences

During my career I've had the opportunity to wear a multitiude of different hats. Here are just some of the roles I have served within various organizations

  • Web and API Developer
  • Data Governance Engineer
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • ETL Developer
  • Systems Analyst

A Few Accomplishments

Just a couple things I've done recently both personal and professional

Logo of Heartland Developer Conference 2020

Heartland Developer Conference 2020

Presening on the DevOps mindset at the Heartland Developer Conference based in Omaha, NE

Collection of certs

Various Microsoft Certifications

Took some time and earned a couple more Azure Certifications as well as became a Certified Microsoft Trainer. Certifications earned were: Azure Administrator, Azure Fundamentals, Azure Data Fundamentals (beta), Data Analyst, and DevOps Engineer

2020 Lincoln Half Marathon logo

Ran A Second Half Marathon

Despite being virtual competed in my second half marathon, the Lincoln Half

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